Elliott Letter to Gov Abbott

The Texas Election Code requires that all political parties in Texas other than Republicans and Democrats nominate their candidates by election (rather than the Texas Primary Election – which is a privilege reserved for the other two parties). This system is not just patently unfair is is expressly designed to increase the expense and organizational hurdle of obtaining ballot access, which operates to squelch the growth of new parties.

But that’s not the worst part. All minor parties in Texas are required – by law – to hold their conventions on the second Saturday of April in the election year. This year the required convention date is April 18. The law provides no flexibility in date, or method of candidate nomination. Of couse, this year with the stay at home orders across the State, holding a large in person convetion is not possible.

I wrote a letter on March 28, here, as did many others, and I am happy to report that the Officer of the Governor of Texas on April 6, 2020 confirmed that the application of this law will be suspended for this year.

That’s a win folks.