Mother and child with masks and texas flag

I am running for Texas House of Representatives and I have a plan to resuscitate the Texas economy.

2 million Texans and 30 million Americans filed for UI benefits since Feb 22. The US is $25 trillion in debt and growing.We are sending a little money to some people, and a lot of money major corporations and banks so that we can stay home and stay closed. Meanwhile, the US economy is tanking at levels not seen since the great depression, the Texas oil industry has cratered and our cherished neighborhood businesses have closed, some permanently. Texas is in a deep hole.

I have outlined a bold plan to create 1000s of new jobs, grow and diversify the Texas economy and put real $$$s in people’s pockets. My plan centers on the elimination of the immoral property tax, reforming occupational licensing, legalizing marijuana and the introduction of sports betting among other easily implemented ideas that will quickly get the economy pumping again.

I encourage you to read my plan and share it with your State Representative. Send me comments and criticisms and let me know your ideas to grow the economy.