Personal Statement

I am Brian Elliott. I believe in a socially inclusive, fiscally responsible, restrained government. #breakthetwopartysystem #ElliottForTexas

Political discourse is at an all-time low. Our elected officials seem incapable of engaging in normal policy discussions without resorting to personal attacks. The media promotes, and profits from, divisiveness and conflict. The two-party dominant political system has exacerbated this problem, as candidates and party positions become more and more extreme.

The Problem and Solution

Our Texas communities are faced with real social and economic challenges that are overlooked in favor of partisan agendas that result in never-ending expansion of the government apparatus, ever-increasing government spending, and ever-eroding personal and civil liberties. Each of the old two parties are content to tolerate each other’s abuses as they know they will be the beneficiary when power is inevitability handed back. The status quo is not OK.

Each of the old two parties are content to tolerate each other’s abuses as they know they will be the beneficiary when power is inevitability handed back. That has to change! #breakthetwopartysystem #ElliottForTexas

The only way to break the stalemate is to break the two-party system that sustains and reinforces it. In Texas and across America, our winner-take-all plurality elections prevent third parties from emerging. Even if a voter identifies with the ideology of a third party, the fear of “wasting a vote” prevents most voters from taking a chance. Lost in this system are the voices of the rational middle, the nuanced ideologies, and the emerging issues not otherwise endorsed by a major party.

What does that mean?

Texas should embrace Ranked Choice Voting or Approval Voting for state and local elections permitting a diversity of choices and ensuring that voices of our complex evolving communities are not relegated to a binary option between two bad extremes.

I will advocate for voting reform and multi-party ballot access. #breakthetwopartysystem #ElliottForTexas

We should hold our elected officials accountable to provide honest straightforward and complete disclosure of how our money is spent and not brush under the carpet the fiscal abuses of their own party.

I will shine a light on government waste and overreach no matter where it emanates. #breakthetwopartysystem #ElliottForTexas

A government’s power comes from its control of our tax dollars. Texans’ properties and businesses are not the government’s ATM machine. By constraining the source of funds we can temper the temptation for expansion.

I will fiercely advocate to eliminate property and margin taxes. #breakthetwopartysystem #taxationistheft #ElliottForTexas

Traditional politicians believe that once elected they need to act, so they pass laws, create regulations and impose layer upon layer of bureaucracy, rules, permits, fees, registrations and licenses. They feel that they have made a difference if they can say that their new rule is targeted to keep the people safe. The reality is that our businesses and entrepreneurs are burdened with too many regulations that make doing business in Texas more expensive, more complex and less desirable.

I will fight to eliminate, roll back, expire, and cut out all unnecessary regulations. #makeitpermanent #ElliottForTexas

I stand ready to add my voice to the debate about how best to represent the citizens of Texas for today and for our futures. Please join me in promoting these ideas and shaping our government to match the people it serves.